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Aged Care Facilities: How to manage your bed vacancies online?
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Obtaining the Best Aged Care Outcomes!

At Health and Aged Assist, we are the largest aged care placement agency in Australia with offices in Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney and Adelaide. Working closely with social workers, Aged Care Assessment Teams, Doctors, hospitals, facility managers, government agencies and other health professionals, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in servicing the aged care industry. We assist families with the entire process of placing a relative or friend into residential care. This service forms the core foundation of our expertise. However, through this we have further developed other services which complement our core business. Our sole purpose is to provide the best possible service to the Health and Aged Care industry, all tailored to an individual's needs.

Can you afford not to know all your options when placing someone into care ( view your options )? Our experienced aged care placement consultants will help you obtain the best aged care outcomes!

www.haaa.com.au - Aged Care Placement Consultants, Aged Care Facilities, Bed Vacancies and Jobs

Health and Aged Assist is proud to bring you a website that will be able to assist people in the health and aged care industry. Whether you are a health professional, a family member or friend who is looking to place someone into care, the website has been specially designed to help you.

The haaa Aged Care Fee Calculator allows you to calculate how much you can expect to pay in aged care, based on individual care requirements and financial status. The comprehensive Aged Care Facility Search helps you find a facility in a specific area, which caters for an individual's care needs. The Aged Care Bed Vacancy Register provides a list of current bed vacancies at facilities all over Australia.

We hope you find the information useful and you are able to find what you are looking for.

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HAAA Aged Care Support Group on Facebook

aged care support group

A community for those supporting an elderly loved one. This group allows you to share your stories, find others in a similar situation and assist one another through this time. The group is free to join and use, all you need is a Facebook account.

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