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The importance of knowing all your options whether entering aged care or remaining at home!

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Can You Afford Not to Know All Your Options?

Are you required to sell your family home to enter care?

You may not necessarily need to sell your home as there are other options available to you. Many people sell their home when they enter aged care because they are unaware of other options that are available to them. Our experienced placement team can help you find the right option to suit your circumstances.

Is exempting your family home important to you?

It may be possible to exempt your family home from your financials. We can assess your situation to determine whether exempting the family home will help you achieve the best outcome.

Are you aware of how much the accommodation bond should be that you pay to enter care?

Bonds vary from one facility to another. You should always be comfortable with the bond that you pay to a facility, which does not necessarily need to be as high as what the facility initially asks you to pay. If you wish to negotiate a bond amount, our experienced team can assist you.

Do you know that in most cases the fees you pay in aged care will depend on how you present yourself financially?

Aged care is means-tested, therefore it is important that you are given the right advice and assistance with legally structuring your financials before you submit them. HAAA can assist you to ensure you obtain the best financial outcome.

Are you aware that you may be able to reduce your income-tested fee?

In some cases, by restructuring your financials, you may be able to decrease or eliminate your income-tested fees which could save you thousands of dollars over a period of time. Our placement team will be able to determine whether this is possible in your case.

Are you comfortable in negotiating an accommodation bond?

In most instances, people pay the bond that the facility initially asks for. In some cases, bonds can be negotiated. If you would feel more comfortable if someone negotiated a bond on your behalf, speak to our placement team and they would be happy to help you achieve the best bond outcome.

Is the asset assessment booklet that you have been asked to complete causing you stress?

As Aged care is means-tested, it is important that the assets assessment booklet is completed expediently and accurately. You should have a good understanding of your entitlements on how to structure your finances before completing the assets assessment booklet. Our placement team can assist you with this process to ensure that you obtain the best financial assessment outcome.

Are you eligible for hardship funding or concessions?

There is provision available for those accessing aged care to receive hardship financial support. Our HAAA Hardship Specialist can determine your eligibility for hardship and assist you with this process.

Are you a new Australian who needs to enter aged care and are not receiving an Australian pension and have no income to pay your aged care fees?

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be eligible to have your aged care fees funded. Discuss your options with our Hardship Specialist.

Do you need assistance with organising a legal 'Power of Attorney' or 'Guardianship'?

Most facilities prefer a resident to have a Power of Attorney or Guardian in place. You do not need to engage a solicitor in most instances. This is included in our placement services. Speak to our placement team if your require assistance with this matter.

Are you comfortable in signing the lengthy contract that you will receive when you enter care?

Reading and signing a contract to enter aged care can be a daunting and stressful experience for some people. Our placement team can work with you to help you better understand what you are signing.

Are you sure that the facility you are selecting is the best option for you?

A lot of people choose a facility on its appearance. It is very important to understand that to achieve the best placement outcome the decision should be based on choosing the most appropriate facility based on your care needs. We have intimate knowledge of facilities because we take a unique approach by our client's care for up to 3 months after they have been placed and gain valuable feedback about their experiences at the facility.

Are you comfortable in handling the aged care wait- list process?

Handling the wait-list process can be time consuming and stressful. Our placement services extends to managing the complete process for you, from lodging applications, financials and anything else that may be required giving you that peace of mind that the guess work is taken out of the placement process.

Have you had your name on a wait-list for an extended period of time without being offered a permanent placement?

There could be many reasons why you may not yet have received a placement offer but in most cases it could be the way you have presented yourself on paper to that specific facility. Our placement team can assess this for you and represent your application giving you a better opportunity for admission.

Would going into interim care while waiting for a placement to become available at your facility-of-choice be a suitable option for you?

If a placement at your first choice of facilities is not available, don't ever settle for second or third best. There are options available through our program that can ensure you achieve your first choice by providing an interim care option while waiting for your long-term best option to become available. Discuss this with our placement team and achieve the best placement outcome.

Do you need to access private case management while waiting for your funded home care package to commence?

You may want to remain in your home and our case management team can manage all of your care requirements in your home until your funded home care package commences. Speak to one of our qualified case managers for more information.

Would you prefer to remain in your own home for the time being rather than enter aged care?

Our case management team would assess whether this would be appropriate and discuss with you all the options available.

Are you returning home from hospital, rehabilitation or convalescent care and might require assistance for a period of time while you recover?

Don't take any risks and utilise our case management program to ensure that you have all the support in your home to help you recover. Contact our case management team for more information.

Do you have a complex case that might require a complex, well-informed approach to be taken?

Our experienced and dedicated team can work with you through most cases that could potentially save you thousands of dollars while achieving the best possible outcome for you.

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