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Aged Care Placement Assist

Need to place someone into care?

Placement Assist can now assist you with the process online.

Combining online resources and the expertise of our experienced offline placement team Health and Aged Assist can now assist you as much or as little as you need, with the convenience of our 24 hour online placement service and in the comfort of your own home or office. Essentially Placement Assist is placement at your fingertips, with no face-to-face meetings necessary.


There are three easy to use online placement options now available to suit your placement needs:

Vacancy Notifications Placement Assist Premium Placement Assist Ultimate

* Special Introductory Rate (limited time only).
1 Price inclusive of GST.

Online Schedule Book

We also offer an Online Schedule Book to help you make an offline appointment in our office or at home and complete a client brief at the time of the request.
Online Schedule Book

How Placement Assist can help you

Placement Assist is specially designed to help people with a range of placement needs, for example:

  • You may want to do most of the placement yourself, but would like some guidance and support with parts of the process you are not familiar with
  • You may be a social worker or discharge planner who is helping a family place someone into care and would like some assistance
  • You want someone to take the guesswork out of the placement process and be ensured that you will obtain the best possible outcome for the person you need to place
  • Your work commitments may make it difficult to carry out everything that is involved in the process of placing someone into care and you want complete support from a professional source. From choosing appropriate facilities and completing relevant paperwork, Power of Attorney, guardianship and administration to wait-listing, financial assistance and the admission process
  • You may want some help choosing appropriate facilities, based on your care requirements, financial status and geographical preferences
  • You may already know which facility you want, but are stressing over the financial requirements
  • You may simply want to know when a vacancy becomes available offering certain care and services, in your chosen suburbs

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