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  • Jul 2010
    How do you find accessing your GP? [ view result ]
  • Jan 2010
    What is your preference on prescription medication? [ view result ]
  • Oct 2009
    At your latest experience at the hospital emergency department how long was your wait before being seen? [ view result ]
  • Sep 2009
    What do you feel is the most appealing feature regarding an aged care facility? [ view result ]
  • Sep 2009
    Who would you first speak to if you need to place someone into care? [ view result ]
  • Aug 2009
    When would you like to see facility tours be scheduled? [ view result ]
  • Jan 2009
    If you had a choice, what is one thing you would like to take into care? [ view result ]
  • Dec 2008
    What do you feel the most difficult and challenging aspect of the placement process is? [ view result ]
  • Nov 2008
    If you need to place mum or dad at the same time would you prefer: [ view result ]
  • Nov 2008
    If you urgently needed to place someone into care tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would do? [ view result ]
  • Oct 2008
    What facility feature is most important when selecting a facility? [ view result ]
  • Oct 2008
    How many residents would you feel comfortable to see in a facility? [ view result ]
  • Oct 2008
    What do you believe the Current Daily Care Fee is in Aged Care? [ view result ]
  • Sep 2008
    If you needed to raise an accommodation bond would you: [ view result ]
  • Aug 2008
    Should aged care facilities be more concious of hearing and sight impaired residents such as with bedside phones etc.? [ view result ]
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